MicroLab 0 SOLO3 Bioreactor Control Panel

Microlab 0, SOLO 3, Control Panel

The Anglicon MicroLab 0 SOLO3 bioreactor control panel consists of a SOLO 3 (4 displays) microprocessor controller for temperature, pH and DO control with a 4th display for agitator speed or gasflow.

Temperature control

The control is single set point 3-term PID with solid state outputs for heating and cooling. The probe is a 2-wire PRT connected to the panel via 4mm banana plugs with a range of -50°C to 150°C. The heater jacket output is 24V at 75W or 48V at 150W as standard. On request 110V at 200W is available. The cooling output is 24V DC to a water solenoid valve. Temperature calibration is available via key pads on the SOLO3.

pH control

The control is dual set point with a dead band, on-off or proportional control of acid and base using Watson Marlow 102 series fixed speed peristaltic pumps for base and acid addition. The standard pump is 1.00rpm for vessels up to 3L with a 4rpm motor fitted for vessels up to 10L. The range is 0-14.00pH detected by a pH probe connected via a BNC socket. Temperature compensation is by manual adjustment on the front panel or automatic compensation using a PRT probe on request. Calibration is by slope and buffer pots on the front panel. There is a totalising display for the total time the pumps are activated in minutes.

Dissolved oxygen control

The control of DO is by single set point, 3-term PID over a range of 0-100% air saturation. DO is monitored by a galvanic, polarographic or optical probe and controlled by a 24V solid state output to an air or oxygen solenoid valve or 0-20mA (0-12V) remote set point signal to the agitator motor drive unit or mass flow valve. Calibration is by zero and span potentiometers or key pads on the SOLO3.

Antifoam or nutrient control

The control is by individual on and off times with anti-splash or nutrient delay. The delay timer is in minutes and on/off timer in seconds or minutes. The probe to detect antifoam is a conductivity probe with a 110V or 240V solid state output to a remote peristaltic pump or solenoid valve. A totalising display for the total time of additions is shown in minutes.

Recorder and data logger outputs

These record data for temperature, pH and DO with an output of 0-5V DC.


This is asynchronous serial current loop with separate RS232 converter, using SOLO communications protocol.

Communication software

Sololink data logging package is available for monitoring up to four bioreactors with up to eight parameters per bioreactor. Other packages are available on request.


Weight 17.5Kg. Height 260mm. Width 360mm. Depth 480mm.


110/110-120/220-240V 50-60Hz